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Condensation & Mold

Here is a pic of what can happen when you have to much relative humidity in your house caused by condensation. Many factors are involved in this situation which I will list as follows: house has history of mold throughout entire house & rot, client removed all duct work from 1st floor claims - furnace guy said not needed and did not replace let the air flow up the stairs from basement which basement door is in back of house- so air has to flow up steps through kitchen and around corner to back bedrooms (considering furnace is a forced air unit), house temperature being kept at less than 65' all winter, windows were installed July 14th, 2022 - 9 months ago and have not yet been prefinished to date so raw wood exposed to the indoor elements - we recommend you prefinish wood products within 60 to 90 days tops the sooner the better, ice on windows frosting up- cause temp is too low and humidity levels too high at 40% or more, winter time should be at least half, see the chart in the FGIA link I posted. Basement had sewer back up which was never cleaned up from previous owners and new owner power washed basement only 4 feet up this past fall and did not dry basement out properly (been damp and moldy all last summer and prior, all walls in basement had to remove. This winter has been up & down between winter & spring weather & rain during winter brings a lot of moisture and fluctuation in indoor & outdoor temps. Lesson learned to all out there, main point is in the winter if you have problems like these 1st check humidity levels. Get a humidifier or dehumidifier if furnace does not have built in unit. Almost always number 1 problem and people who put that plastic sheets on windows really not good either, tends to trap the air between window and plastic and condensates between the 2 thus ruining the window and causing mold. Pictures above is the green mold which derives from drywall. Typically condensation mold is mostly black but can result in the green mold too. This client claims window leaking, but every window in house has the green mold & if window was leaking, there'd be ice around the outer window edges not just on the glass and the glass only bad if there is water between the panes not on the inner surface. Ignore the signs and this is what happens, not a manufacture or installer defect, but a clients neglect. If you like the read and found interesting hit like and feel free to add commentary or contact us for more questions and check out the links below for more information on condensation & mold.

Download PDF • 693KB

FGIA - Understanding Indoor Condensation AAMA Resources
Download PDF • 380KB

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