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Problems with ice on your windows or doors during this super cold spell? May or may not be your windows. 1st off, try checking your humidity in your house and if it's too high, might be a problem. When temp is below 0 out, your humidity should only be set at about 15% and no more than 20%, otherwise I guarantee frost on your windows. Other cause, could be leaky windows, but 1st check that. Website address is or click on PDF files below for a better understanding of condensation on windows and frost. Trust me and believe me, I myself this past week, 1st time in forever had frost on my windows all because my humidifier on furnace was turned up to 60%. For last 2 years I didn't think it actually worked, until this week. So don't get your undies in a bundle before you check out these 2 pages I found on the web.

FGIA - Understanding Indoor Condensation
Download • 380KB

Download PDF • 693KB

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